سطل زباله 770 لیتری

Waste tanks

Waste tanks are designed and built in different volumes and types. Sanat Novin Manufacturing Company offers its waste tanks in volumes of 660, 770 and 1100 liters.

Under the garbage can

The sub-tanks produced by Sanat Novin Production Company are made of iron and have high strength. These sub-tanks are designed and built for different models of trash cans.

Garbage tank cover

These types of covers are made in different designs and sizes that are suitable for municipal waste bins. The design of these covers is such that they help to beautify the urban environment.

Sanat Novin Production Company

Sanat Novin Production Company is the first and top producer of galvanized tanks in the country.

Over the years, Sanat Novin Company has been able to attract many customers and satisfy them by producing high quality products at reasonable prices.

Most of Sanat Novin Company’s activity in the field of production of galvanized tanks is mechanized waste collection, which we see in the city and neighborhood.

Along with municipalities and other government agencies that are the main customers to buy tanks made in the country, the company’s products …

work force
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Industry Awards

Sanat Novin Production Company

Sanat Novin Production Company, with more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing galvanized waste bins, has been able to gain an important position in this industry and be considered as the top producer of these products.


Earn first place

Achieving the first rank as the top producer of galvanized tanks in the country for many years is only one of the honors of Sanat Novin Production Company.

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More than 15 years of experience

Sanat Novin Production Company was established in 2004 to design and manufacture galvanized waste tanks. The factory and sales office of this company is located in Khavaran industrial town.

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Customer Orientation

There is only one boss.         Customer

He can fire anyone in the company, from the CEO to the bottom, just by spending his money elsewhere. We do our best to satisfy you.

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Expert technical team

To increase the efficiency and quality of its products, Sanat Novin Production Company has employed the members of this company from the top universities and prestigious technical and professional centers.

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Get advice from us

Sanat Novin Production Company is always ready to provide free consulting services to you, dear customers, by using its expert and strong consulting team.

As you know, waste bins are produced in different volumes and models. Each of these models is suitable for a specific situation.

Our expert consultants will give you the best suggestions for buying and installing the right trash can.

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